Though now the internet is Omni present, not all the places have good internet connectivity. At times like this, all you need is a good internet connection. So how do you manage it?

Well to resolve this issue one such app has been developed. Androdumpper APK is one of the best upcoming android applications which will help you to connect the routers by giving access to their passwords. Not only this a user can also connect to WPS connections using some kind of algorithm.

AndroDumpper APK comes in the tools category and is averagely rated as 4.4 out of 5 stars. Isn’t this app a dream come true? Didn’t we always want to break in a few passwords and get easy access to Wi-Fi?  It also allows the users to check out the passwords of all the Wi-Fi a user was connected to from an android device.

AndroDumpper APK has both free and premium version and it runs on many devices as well like Android, PC, and even iOS. Initially, AndroDumpper App was developed just to know how many devices were connected to your Wi-Fi but now it has evolved with many features.

Here are few of the features of AndroDumpper APK .

–           AndroDumpper APK allows you to break in and get the passwords of any nearby Wi-Fi connection.

–           AndroDumpper APK allows you to know how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi router.

–           It also supports two different kinds of methods to get access to different networks.

a)         Roots method.

b)         No roots required method.

Now if you are confused as to what are these methods exactly? Then here let me explain to you!

No roots method- No roots method will allow you to get connected and get access to the Wi-Fi connection but will not show you the password. As to see the password rooting of your phone is required.

Roots method – By using this method AndroDumpper App do not have a direct connection to the Wi-Fi network. However, it ends up bringing the password and helping you to get access. In the roots method, AndroDumpper has a pre authentication with the network.

 Download the AndroDumpper APK on your android smartphone.

–           To simple download AndroDumpper APK on your device click on the below mentioned link.

–           Since you are downloading from a third party source you need to give permission first.

–           For this go to the Settings option – choose the security option and then tap on “Allow unknown sources”.

–           Now once the application is downloaded, let the installation process get completed.

–           After this kick start your access to Wi-Fi connections.

Now if you are beginner you may be confused as to how to use the application? Well, there are certain rules to be followed to get access to the neighbors password.

–           To hack your neighbors password you must first switch the Wi-Fi option.

–           Now a list of various Wi-Fi connections will be available for you to break through.

–           Tap on the Wi-Fi option you wish to connect on your smartphone.

–           After this, you may see three different options to connect – Custom Pin, No custom pin and brute force.

–           Choose the option of a custom pin as here entering a pin in not compulsory.

–           Now all the details will be provided to you by AndroDumpper APK, like name of the network and password details etc.

–           Copy paste the same details after going to the settings option of your smartphone.

Final words.

Everyone loves an instant Wi-Fi connection, and with AndroDumpper APK it has become much easier to connect. Many a time we urgently need an internet connection and our 3g or 4g networks fail us. At such times applications like AndroDumpper is a boon.

By using this application you can easily get access to the nearby Wi-Fi’s. And as it runs on all the possible devices it is one of the most recommended apps to be used.

In case you face any hassle while downloading or running the application, do let us know in the comment section.

Now kick- start your unlimited access to the nearby Wi-Fi routers.

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